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Women are moving. We are moving out of passivity, out of the closets; we are moving toward control of

our own lives and the overthrow of male supremacy. The ai.m of this magazine is to express this motion and

to move you by sharing the ideas, experiences and feelings of many lesbians. Today, lesbian/feminist

politics are taking shape; our analysis is crystallizing and we are starting on the path to effective action.

Some of the women contributing to this magazine were "happy" heterosexual housewives not long ago.

Some were homosexuals in hiding, either from their "friends" or their own self-hate. Starting from these

different places, we have all become lesbian-feminists. Lesbian feminism is the ideology that unites us. It is

the way of thinking that enables us to understand our past and chart our future. Only if we understand how

and why we have been oppressed can we successfully fight for our freedom .

You are part of that past and in the belief that you will want to shape that future, we have put t.()gether

a magazine of lesbian-feminist writing, art, and poetry. Some of the work here is reprinted but most was

created especially for this issue.


a monthly magazine published by the United Methodist Church for over twenty years, is no

more. This is its final issue. Throughout


history, radical dissension within limits was tolerated with

a few slaps on the wrist, but the church fathers really squirmed when the special issue on women appeared

in March-April, 1969. In the aftermath of the controversy over the women's issue, the church began to

reduce its support of




decided it could no longer function under the church.


could not survive without church money so the staff and editorial board decided to close up shop--using the

remaining resources of the magazine to put out one final


issue. The Furies, a collective of twelve

lesbians in Washington, D.C., which included a member of the old


editorial board, assumed editorial

responsibility for the lesbian issue. Within the collective, four of us took major responsibility for this

project but everyone has contributed to it.

We are not professional publishers or editors. We are political lesbians who wanted to create a magazine

that would communicate our ideas to you.' It was exciting to have the resources for our own magazine. We

were determined that from start to finish lesbians would do it all. A publication produced with men could

not proclaim the strength and promote the independence of women in the way we hoped to.

In the process of putting this issue together we built bonds with lesbians around the country who sent in

articles, graphics, and poetry in response to our requests. In order for lesbians to complete the entire

production we gained many new skills. Lesbians from several cities produced the design and layout. The

Sojourner Truth Press in Atlanta printed the whole issue. Where things were needed, we did them ourselves.

Lesbians who could never write articles before wrote. Lesbians who never typeset before learned

composing. Women who never published a magazine before did it.

We are proud that this issue was put out by women. Gay men have also produced their issue of


Although originally scheduled as one gay issue, we made a political decision to do separate women's and

men's issues. At this time, we are separatists who do not work with men, straight or gay, because men are

not working to end male supremacy. Sexism oppresses men, especially gay men, by supressing the 'female'

in them and amputating their self-development. But all men still receive concrete benefits, privileges, and

power from that system. Male supremacy subordinates women in every way. Ending gay oppression will not

automatically end woman oppression. Only a complete destruction of the whole male system

can free women. When men renounce the power and privilege they gain through the domination and

subordination of women and join the struggle to end all male supremacy, they will be allies of the strong

and independent lesbian-feminist movement we are building. Those men, straight or gay, who cling to male

power and privilege continue to oppress us and stand in the way of a women's revolution.

We hope you will read the magazine, pass it on, talk about it with women you know and women you are

getting to know, keep in touch with us and join the struggle.

joan E. Biren

Rita Mae Brown

Charlotte Bunch

Coletta Reid

This issue was printed by Sojourner Truth Printing Collective, 432 Moreland Ave. N.E ., Atlanta, Georgia

30307, an all women's press. Sojourner Truth wants to print newspapers, pamphlets, posters, and leaflets

from women all across the country. In addition to printing this issue, they have printed the FURIES,

"Sleeping Beauty", a lesbian fairy tale, posters, and lesbian stationery. Call 404-688-6222 to have your

women's literature printed.

Layout and Graphics:

Ginger Legato

Selina Martin

Lee Schwing



Helaine Harris

Tasha Petersen

Others who have helped:

Susan Baker

Ginny Berson

Sharon Deevey

Susan Hathaway

Marilyn Langfeld

Nancy Myron

Judy Winsett

Jennifer Woodul