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maintaining male supremacy.

Lesbians must form our own political movement.

Changes which will have more than token effects on our

lives will be led by woman-identified lesbians who

understand the nature of our oppression and are therefore

in a position to end it.



Women must gain political power in order to reorganize

our society, eliminating domination by sex, race, class, and

nation. The world's survival depends on these changes and

we cannot trust men, who have drug us through centuries

of war and disaster, to lead in making real changes. Building

a mass movement for political power among women is a

long process; but we can suggest some ways to start.

We must begin to change ourselves into new people,

woman-identified women intent upon gaining control of

the systems that have power over our lives. As we see how

heterosexual, class, race and national privileges separate us,

we have no alternative but to change so that we do not

damage each other by privileged behavior and can build a

cohesive women's force. Lesbianism is the starting place

because it is central to building an ideology and it touches

all women. Every woman has the potential to be a lesbian

and can rid herself of heterosexual privilege. Middle


and white women must use and share our class and race

privileges with working class and black women. We must

also rid ourselves of classist and racist behavior which keeps

working class and black women oppressed. Only if we

change ourselves and stop oppressing other lesbians can we

unite to stop male domination.



womans ideology is essential to our success.

Without such an ideology, we float from

project to project with


direction and little

motion forward. We can learn from previous revolu–

tions and ideologies, but we cannot blindly copy their

ideas and experiences. Developing an ideology requires

systematic study and analysis, accompanied by trial

and error in practice throughout the country. Crucial

to this development is a strong women's media. We

will, of course, also have to create institutions to meet

women's basic needs and to support ourselves as we

change: economic cooperatives, childcare centers, food

coops, health clinics, halfway houses, skills centers, etc.

But such institutions will survive only if we are

already united around an ideology and specific political


As we take these initial steps--changing ourselves,

developing an

ideology, and creating supportive

institutions-- we will discover how we must further change

and what we must do next. Ultimately, women must be

prepared to take over the power of the state and reorganize

society. As long as power remains in the hands of men, we

are at their whims and our lives will not be free.

This article is an outline of the ideology that we are

beginning to develop in our collective. To be in touch with

us and our developing thought and program, see

The Furies

a lesbian/feminist monthly

subscription: $5 a year

P.O. Box 8843

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