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International List ofGay

Groups~ Places~




Gay Liberation Front, Tuscon

% People's Center

412 North 4th Ave.

Tuscon, Arizona 86706

Gay Liberation Front, Phoenix

%Alan Butcher GSA

1842 North 12th St.

Phoenix, Arizona 85006

Gay Liberation Arizona Desert


P. 0.



Tempe, Arizona 86281



Gay Women's Rap, Berkeley

2624 Grant Street

Berkeley, Calif. 94703

Students for Gay Power

Eshelman Hall- 3rd Floor

University of California

Berkeley, Calif. 94720

Gay Liberation Community Syndicate/

Committee of Concern for Homosexuals/

Radical Gay Christians

Gay Switchboard, Berkeley


Gay Liberation Front, Berkeley/ and

Third World Gay People

P. 0. Box 4089

Berkeley, Calif. 94704

Homosexual Action Forum

2728 Durant Ave.

Berkeley, Calif. 94705

Gay Students Union, UC Berkeley

% Dave Kleinberg

2836 Ashby Ave.

Berkeley, Calif. 94706

Gay Women's Liberation

University of California

1634 Milvin No.2

Berkeley, Calif. 94709

Graduate Theological Union

Gay Seminarians

2441 LeConte

Berkeley, Calif. 94709

Gay Women's Liberation, Oakland

2420 Grande Vista Ave.

Oakland, Calif. 94601

Gay Rap, Hayward

630 -41st Street, Apt. 10

Oakland, Calif. 94641

Gay Liberation J,<'ront, Contra Costa

% Gary Allen

1894 Farm Bureau Road

Concord, Calif. 94620

Gay Student Union, Stanford



Box 9376

Stanford, Calif. 94306

Gay Liberation Front, San Francisco

266 Central Street

San Francisco, Calif. 94117


1005 Market St., Rm. 208

San Francisco, Calif. 94103

Society for Individual Rights

Sffi Community Center

83 Sixth Street

San Francisco, Calif. 94103

Council on Religion and

the Homosexual/



330 Ellis Street

San Francisco, Calif. 94102


Vanguard Publications:

Gay Liberation Media



%Keith St. Clare

203 Clayton Street

San Francisco, Calif. 94103


Front, S.F. State Coli

195 Alhambra Street, No. 9

San Francisco, Calif. 94116

Gay Teenagers, San Francisco

1055 - 66th Street

Oakland, Calif. 94609

San Francisco Gay Rap

2729-B Calif. Street, or

2012 Pine Street

San Francisco, Calif. 94116

Native American Gay Rap Group

605 Brunswick Street

San Francisco, Calif. 94112

Daughters of Bilitis (Natl. Hdqts.)

1005 Market Street Rm. 208

San Francisco, Calli. 94103

Mattachine Society, Inc.

348 Ellis Street

San Francisco, Calif. 94102

Spanish Speaking Gay Rap Group

605 Brunswick Street

San Francisco, Calif. 94112

Gay Activists Alliance, S.F.

P. 0.

Box 1528

San Francisco, Calif. 96101

Tavern Guild of S .F.

%William Plath

83 Sixth Street

San Francisco, Calif. 94103

Gay Women's Liberation

%Women's Center

317 Sanchez

San Francisco, Calif.

Gay Liberation Front

War Resisters League

833 Haight

San Francisco, Calif. 94117

Student Homosexual Organization

University of Calif. at Davis

Student Activities Mem. Union

Davis, Calif. 96616

Gay Women's Liberation, Sonoma Cty.

20-B Eucalyptus Street


Gay Liberation Front, Riverside

% Rob Boblett

3631-A Comer Street

Riverside, Calif. 96206

Gay Liberation Front, Modesto

% Vanich Shatley

1711 Dallas Street

Modesto, Calif. 95351

Gay Students Union

Sonoma State College



Box 1811

Rohnert Park, Calif. 94928

GLF, San Francisco St. College



San Francisco, Calif. 94115

National Transsexual Counseling Unit

86 Third Street

San Francisco, Calif. 94103

Lesbian Mothers Union

651 Duncan

San Francisco, Calif. 94131

Emmaus House Info. Center

1488 Vallejo

San Francisco, Calif. 94109

Gay Women's News Service

P. 0. Box 8507

Stanford, Calif. 94305

Gay Liberation Front, San Jose

720 S. 8th St.

San Jose, Calif. 96112

Gay Women's Liberation

2620 Buchanon St.

San Francisco, Calif. 94115

Gay Liberation Front, San Francisco

Box 40397

San Francisco, Calif. 94140

Gay Student Union

Calif. State College

24800 Hillary

Hayward, Calif. 94642

Sodom Radical Bisexual

Free Communist Youth

Box 4132

Hayward, Calif. 94644

Gay Freedom Alliance

Box 3935

Hayward, Calif. 94544

Gay Liberation Front, Sacramento

% Edgar Carpenter

2215 "P" Street No. 2

Sacrament, Calif. 96816


Box 6184

Albany, Calif. 94706

Gay Encounter

Box 15765

Sacramento, Calif.


Gay Liberation Front,

Occidental College

P. 0. Box 41035

Los Angeles, Calif. 90041

One Inc. (Natl. Hdqts.)

2256 Venic Blvd.

Los Angeles Calif. 90006

Homophile Effort for

Legal Protection (HELP)


0 .

Box 3007

Hollywood, Calif. 90028

Gay Community Service Center

1614 Wilshire Blvd.

Los Angeles, Calif. 90017

Brotherhood of David

(Gay Fellowship in the Arts)

701 S. Gramercy Drive No. 120

Los Angeles, Calif. 90005

Gay Women's Service Center

1168 Glendale Blvd.

Los Angeles, Calif. 90026

Lesbian Feminists

1027 South Crenshaw Blvd.

Los Angeles, Calif. 90019

Gay Liberation Front, Venice

577Va North Vermont Ave.

Los Angeles, Calif. 90004

S . Calif. Council on Religion

and the Homosexual

3330 West Adams Blvd.

Los Angeles, Calif. 90018

Daughters of Bilitis, L.A.

D.O.B. Center

1910 South Vermont Street

Los Angeles, Calif. 90007

Dignity (Gay Catholics)



Box 6161

Los Angeles, Calif. 90048