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This article is a collective effort by a New York

consciousness-raising group composed of nine GLF men.

We have adopted the process of consciousness-raising from

the Women's Liberation Movement.


ays must organize because it is only way a class

ot' people that has been cut adrift by society can

deal with that fact. Everywhere we find hostility,

prejudice and condescension, even amongst ourselves. Most

gays accept, in self-defense, the straight man's mythology

that says we're sick, immature, perverse, deviant, and thus

should hide our love away in tea rooms, park bushes, on

cruising streets, and in Mafia- or otherwise pig-controlled

bars. Those who reject the mythology, developing positive

attitudes toward their homosexuality are even more offen-


sive to straights . We all risk brutalization and imprisonment

and have little alternative but to use the traidtional

oppressive cruising institutions. These myths and institu–

tions keep us isolated and distrustful of each other. And

don't expect any help from our straight oppressors in

creating alternatives. We're on our own.

New York Gay Liberation Front's first attempts at

coming together have been the large Sunday night meetings,

which after a year produced few decisions and no policy.

Since june '69, GLF had talked of a community center, but