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afterwards the bones of his heels dropped out, in the name

of nineteen brothers from Perigord tortured and starved for

six months running, in the name of ten thousand Knights

Templar burned at the stake for the crime of homosexu–

ality, in the name of all nameless brothers still tortured in

mental hospitals and in psychiatrists' offices by aversion

therapy, shock tredtment, apomorphine, and succinyl–

choline. We


flaming-with the fire of final revolution.

We are not ashamed of being faggots. We are proud.



n terms of organization, we developed a number of

techniques to build collectivity and egalitarianism.

We used the disc system for political discussions;

each starts with a certain number of discs; each

pays out one for every statement other than "yes" or "no"

or "can't hear;" one must remain silent after spending all

his discs until everyone else has spent his: this was an

attempt, borrowed from The Feminists, to equalize

over-talkers and under-talkers. Two over-talkers, in parti-