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people already in those areas. Contact the

American Friends Service Committee, 20

South 12th Street, Philadelphia 7, Penn–


A.F.S.C. work camps.

A.F.S.C. campers

will be working this summer to bring

about a more intelligent understanding

of the problems of the frontier areas of

the twentieth century in Mexico, Jamaica

and Europe. In Mexico campers will join

year-round workers in Morelos, Nativitas

and Nayarit to work in education, health,

economics, public services and agriculture.

Cost will be about $15 0. Dates are June

27 to late August. Write to the American

Friends Service Committee, 20 South 12th

Street, Philadelphia 7, Pennsylvania. The

A.F.S.C. will sponsor three camps in

Germany and possibly a camp in Jamaica.

Sixty volunteers are needed for almost all

the European countries. Cost will be ap–

proximately $600, travel and expenses.

Dates are from June 10 to about October



Mennonite Central Committee


planning three or four . camps in central

Europe for thirty American and ninety

European young people eighteen years of

age or over. These will be reconstruction

and rehabilitation programs plus strong

religious and educational training. Dates

will be in June, July and August with the

cost approximately $700. This will in–

clude a five weeks' educational tour. For

ten weeks this summer the Mennonites

will have a religious and recreational pro–

gram for German- and Spanish-speaking

children of the town of Cuauhtemoc,

Mexico. Six men and women eighteen

years and older who have speaking ability

in either Spanish or German are preferred.

Room and board will be provided. Write

soon to Ray E. Horst, Mennonite Central

Committee, Akron,


The Youth Service Committee of the

Northern Baptist Convention plans re–

construction work in a refugee center


Hannover, Germany.

Twelve people


with previous work camp experience are

called for. The cost will be $800 at the

minimum. Applications must be to the

Committee at 152 Madison Avenue, New

York 16, New York, by March 15. Dates

of the work camp are July 1 to August


Study tours

will be conducted this sum–

mer by the International Student Service

of the World Student Service Fund. Stu–

dents will join European students in the

countries studied. The dates are July 17

to August


or extended to August 26.

Expenses will be approximately $4.5 0 a

day. Each student must desire to study

and learn along with the students from

other lands. The groups will be limited in

number and selective. Apply immediately

to W.S.S.F, 20 West 40th Street, New

York 18, New York. Final registration

date is April 15, 1950.


Bievres, France,

the World's Student

Christian Federation will hold its summer

conference from August 10 to 17, a po–

litical consultation from August 18 to 20,

and a theological students' conference in

Germany the first week in September.

All applicants should be active leaders in

student movements. Thirty-five students

are expected at the summer conference,

ten at the theological and eight at the po–

litical consultation. Delegates pay all their

own expenses. Apply U.S.C.C., 1031, 156

Fifth Avenue, New York 10, New York.

Youth hostels here and abroad.

Trips will

be conducted in the Americas, Europe,

and North Africa. Work camps are sched–

uled for Holland, Germany and Long

Island Sound, followed by a month of

hosteling. Dates range and vary between

June 10 and September 15. Applicants

for projects abroad must be seventeen

years and others fifteen years and over.

Hostelers travel by bicycle, hiking, ca–

noeing, skiing or horseback, living simply

and inexpensively, hostels being in over

twenty-five countries in the world. Write

for full information to American Youth

Hostels, Inc.,


East 39th Street, New

York 16, New York.

World Council of Churches Work Camps

will be in England, Italy, Greece, France,

Germany, Japan, Korea, Okinawa, Philip–

pines, Siam, India, Persia, Central Ameri–

ca and the United States. Applicants

should preferably be between eighteen and

twenty-five (and over). European camp–

ers will be expected to be able to speak

French or German. All students should

have had some experience in voluntary

service projects. Those going to the Far

E-ast will leave in April or earlier; all con–

tingents should be back in the States by

September 15. Write immediately to

Congregational Christian Service Com–

mittee, 110 East 29th Street, New York

16, New York. Cost to Europe at a

miniml!m of $625, to Japan or the

Philippines $1,000, and the others $1,500,

Experiment in International Living, Inc.

Putney, Vermont, will this summer


vide 500 students with a carefully planned

experience through which they may train

for effective world citizenship. Selections

are made on the basis of an interest in

international relations, two years' study

of the language to be spoken, academic

and extracurricular activities. First

month abroad will


spent with the

family of a student and the second month

in cycling, camping and so on. Countries

include Denmark, Eire, England, Holland,

India, Israel, Norway, Scotland, Sweden,

Union of South Africa, Belgium, France,

Quebec, Switzerland, Austria, Germany,

Italy, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Czecho–

slovakia. Cost will be between $700 and

$750, Mexico $390. Apply immediately;

just write to

Experiment, etc.,

in Putney.


Druhwald, Germany,

the Universalist

Service Committee will conduct an inter–

national work camp with fifteen Euro–

pean and American students. Student

must be eighteen years or older and have

previous work camp experience, must

have German speaking ability. Apply im–

mediately to Carleton M. Fisher, 16 Bea–

can Street, Boston 8, Massachusetts. Cost

will be between $500 and $600.


Brethren Service Commission

asks for

forty volunteers to assist

reli~f work~r~

in a summer camping program



Germany and Italy. The cost will be ap–

proximately $500 to $60 0, including

travel costs to points of interest and


other B.S.C. units. Write now to


Ruth Holsopple or Miss Ora Huston,


South State Street, Elgin, Illinois.

institutional service

The Mennonite Central Committee


students to serve in three Canadian

me~tal hospitals, one Canadian


sanitarium, several state mental hospltll


and state training schools for the menta


deficient in this country and at the Brd

Lane Farm. Students will serve as atten


ants, help in some recreational work


generally assist on the wards. The


mum age for all these services is eighteen.

Unit members will receive regular wages

less $15 unit fee or $10 as t he case rnaY



be. Dates are June to August or. the

tember. Only women are asked for llld t

tuberculosis sanitarium and the


must be twenty to work at Broo


Farm. At Brook Lane Farm room anes

d · h

wag ·

board will be furnishe Wlt no . tee




I Comrnlt '

App y: Mennomte entra


11 •

Voluntary Service Section, Akron, en