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William E. Barton Samaritan Collection


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William E. Barton Samaritan Collection, 1903-1950 | Theology Library Archives

By Steve Pentek, Kara Jackman

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Collection Overview

Title: William E. Barton Samaritan Collection, 1903-1950Add to your cart.

ID: 01/002

Extent: 7.0 Cubic Feet. More info below.

Languages: English, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Arabic

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The Barton Collection contains materials accumulated during a quarter century (1903-1926) of personal contact with the Samaritans, including correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, and scrolls.  Primary material consists of nineteen scrolls, including two Pentateuchal scrolls of early twentieth century vintage, the original and unpublished Arabic texts of Priest Jacob on the history and thought of the sect, five small modern codices of parts of the Samaritan Pentateuch, two Samaritan prayer books, an Arabic treatise by Priest Isaac on Jacob’s Well, and untranslated autobiography of Jacob in Arabic, two copies of the Samaritan Book of Joshua in Arabic, one of which has a commentary in Samaritan Hebrew, and a copy of Abu’l Fath.  The photographs include forty-three prints of the Abisa scroll from a 1919 filming, discredited at the time, but verified as authentic after re-photographing by Perez Castro in the 1950s, and other photographs or glass slides of the Samaritans.  Personal letters reveal his contacts with the Samaritans and dealers through whom he obtained the scrolls and other materials.  Also contains about 150 letters by or about the American Samaritan Committee.

Collection Historical Note

<strong style="box-sizing: border-box; color: rgb(85, 85, 85); font-family: Benton; font-size: 16px; line-height: 28px;">ILLIAM ELEAZAR BARTON. </strong><span style="color: rgb(85, 85, 85); font-family: Benton; font-size: 16px; line-height: 28px;">Clergyman, Samaritan scholar.  Born June 28, 1861, in Sublette, IL; died Dec. 7, 1930 in Foxboro, MA. Attended Berea College, BS 1885, MS 1888, AM 1890, and Oberlin Theological Seminary, BD 1890.  Congregational minister (1885-) serving primarily in Oak Park, IL ( 1899-1924). Associate editor of Bibliotheca Sacra, editor of The Advance. Maintained a lively interest in and correspondence with the Samaritans of Nablus from 1903 until 1926.  During this period, Barton published several articles on the Samaritans in popular and scholarly American journals, and also edited and published a number of essays concerning the sect written by the Samaritan High Priest Jacob (1841-1916). Concern for the financial state of the Samaritan community led Barton to become involved in a humanitarian project for their benefit—an ambitious but ill-fated venture known as the American Samaritan Committee—in part funded by E.K. Warren, an millionaire from Three Oaks, MI.</span>

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Box 4Add to your cart.
Folder 1Add to your cart.
Item 1: The Book of Enlightenment for the Instruction of the InquirerAdd to your cart.
By Jacob, Son of Aaron, High Priest of the Samaritans, tr. by A. Ben Kori, ed. by WEB.  Sublette IL : Puritan Press, 1913.  Printed, 84 p.  “The chapters comprising this book were first printed in Bibliotheca Sacra in 1913.”  (C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 1, Item 1)
Item 2: "The Book of Enlightenment"Add to your cart.
By Jacob, the Son of Aaron, Samaritan High Priest.  Translated by Abdullah Ben Kori, ed. by WEB.  Bibliotheca Sacra (April 1913): 313-346.  Three detached copies, one missing pages 313-314.  (C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 1, Item 2)
Folder 2Add to your cart.
Item 1: "On the Samaritan Pentateuch and Literature"Add to your cart.
By M. Stuart.  Biblical Repository 2:8 (Oct. 1832): 681-724.  Detached copy.  (C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 2, Item 1)
Item 2: "Rev. Wm. E. Barton."Add to your cart.
Extract of news item about the eleventh commandment found by WEB in Samaritan Pentateuch, originally published in the Chicago Journal.  From an unknown publication.  1 p. (C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 2, Item 2)
Item 3: "Old Bible Manuscript Found"Add to your cart.
Newspaper clipping from The Chicago Tribune (Jan. 1903), with typed commentary.  1 p. (C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 2, Item 3)
Item 4: "On Bloody Sacrifices in Palestine" and "Description of the Case of the Roll of a Samaritan Pentateuch"Add to your cart.
By Hans H. Spoer.  Reprint from Journal of the American Oriental Society 27 (1906): 104-107. (C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 2, Item 4)
Item 5: "The History of the Religion of the Samaritans"Add to your cart.
Uncredited article from The American Monthly Review of Reviews (February 1907): 238-239. (C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 2, Item 5)
Item 6: "The Unchanged Passover Supper"Add to your cart.
By F. Naseef.  The Christian Herald (April 12, 1916): 446-447. (C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 2, Item 6)
Item 7: "Books of all Ages: Papyrus and Parchment Books"Add to your cart.
By J. Eugene Reed.  Christian Observer (January 9, 1918): 20-21. (C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 2, Item 7)
Item 8: "How Samaria Keeps the Passover Today"Add to your cart.
By Ismar J. Peritz.  Christian Observer (March 27, 1918): 8-9. (C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 2, Item 8)
Item 9: "The Last Remnant of Great Samaritan Race Being Cared For by Americans"Add to your cart.
By E. K. Warren.  The Pittsburgh Gazette-Times (June 9, 1918). (C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 2, Item 9)
Item 10: A Brief Guide to Al-Haram Al-Sharif, Jerusalem.Add to your cart.
Jerusalem : Published by the Supreme Moslem Council, 1927.  Two copies. (C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 2, Item 10)
Item 11: "Notes and Extracts from the Semitic Manuscripts in the John Rylands Library: III Samaritan Pentateuch MSS with a description of two Codices"Add to your cart.
By Edward Robertson.  Reprinted from The Bulletin of the John Rylands Library 21:1 (April 1937): 31p. (C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 2, Item 11)
Item 12: “Notes and Extracts from the Semitic Manuscripts in the John Rylands Library: IV. Zainab As-Safawiyah: The Samaritan Poetess”Add to your cart.
By Edward Robertson.  Reprinted from The Bulletin of the John Rylands Library 21:2 (October 1937): 22p. (C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 2, Item 12)
Item 13: “El-Sefer Abisa: el antiguo y celebre rollo del Pentateuco Samaritano de Nablus puede, for fin, ser objeto de investigacion textual”Add to your cart.
par F. Perez Castro.  Negative photostat from Sefarad, 12:1 (no date): 119-129. (C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 2, Item 13)
Item 14: Robert S. Barton Memorial: in Memorial, by his brother, Fred B. Barton.Add to your cart.
Typescript, published by the Lincoln Group of Boston, 1954.  “Autographed for Dr. Robert E. Moody, who is doing his share to keep the Barton name alive and respected.  Fred B. Barton  16 October 1954.”16 p. (C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 2, Item 14)
Item 15: "Studies on Samaritan Materials in the W.E. Barton Collection in the Boston University Library"Add to your cart.
By James D. Purvis.  Reprint from The Proceedings of the Fifth World Congress of Jewish Studies, p. 134-143.  Jerusalem : World Union of Jewish Studies, 1972. (C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 2, Item 15)
Folder 3: Programs and AdvertisementsAdd to your cart.
Item 1: Advertisements (2 identical) and order card for James A. Montgomery’s The Samaritans: the earliest Jewish SectAdd to your cart.
From the John H. Winston Co., Philadelphia, PA. [1907].  (C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 3, Item 1)
Item 2: Envelope, J. C. Deagon Inc., Chicago IL.Add to your cart.
(C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 3, Item 2)
Item 3: Two testimonials for the travel guideAdd to your cart.
Rolla Floyd, 1894 and 1900. (C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 3, Item 3)
Item 4: Programs for the Chicago Society of Biblical ResearchAdd to your cart.
1903, 1907, 1909, 1912, and 1920.  WEB presented a paper at each of these meetings. (C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 3, Item 4)
Item 5: Outline flyer for “The Land of the Bible talk by WEB, 1905.Add to your cart.
(C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 3, Item 5)
Item 6: "Antoura, the Shelter of a Thousand Tragedies"Add to your cart.
By Major Stephen Trowbridge.  Privately printed: Jerusalem : Syrian Orphanage Press, 1918. (C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 3, Item 6)
Item 7: "A Brief Sketch of Prof. Abdullah Ben Kori"Add to your cart.
By J. W. Reynolds, Wilson, N.C.  Includes newspaper clipping from 1908. (C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 3, Item 7)
Item 8: Six printed letters by Gaskoin Wright on behalf of the Church Missionary SocietyAdd to your cart.
Nablus Hospital, Palestine, 1906, 1907, 1908, 1909, 1911. (C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 3, Item 8)
Item 9: Stationary and membership applications for the Samaritan CommitteeAdd to your cart.
1914. (C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 3, Item 9)
Item 10: Fove cards with photograph of Jacob, Son of AaronAdd to your cart.
One is annotated on back: “This came from frame (worn out) containing purported fragment of Samaritan Pentateuch—Barton Collection.” (C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 3, Item 10)
Item 11: Print of Samaritan High Priest with TorahAdd to your cart.
Engraving signed by E. M. Lilien, captioned: “Samaritanischer Hohepriester mit Thora.” (C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 3, Item 11)
Item 12: "An Older 'Holy City'"Add to your cart.
Article from The Literary Digest (1909). (C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 3, Item 12)
Item 13: Picture of Samaritan PentateuchAdd to your cart.
Detached from Bible Encyclopedia. (C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 3, Item 13)
Item 14: Two tabloid-sized sheets in Russian, Hebrew, and SamaritanAdd to your cart.
One giving the translation of Exodus XX from the Samaritan text, the other giving Exodus XX which came to be used by the people of Israel excepting the Samaritans. (C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 3, Item 14)
Item 15: Two business cardsAdd to your cart.
The Garzouzi Brothers, rugs-carpets-art goods, and Wadi M. Garzouzi. (C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 3, Item 15)
Item 16: Printed sheet in ArabicAdd to your cart.
(C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 3, Item 16)
Item 17: Fragment of an Arabic NewspaperAdd to your cart.
(C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 3, Item 17)
Item 18: Three printed cardsAdd to your cart.
1) a page from the Book of Numbers, in Samaritan; 2) a drawing to ward off the evil eye; 3) page from a calendar showing various numberings for the same day. (C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 3, Item 18)
Folder 4: Scrapbook: The Samaritan PentateuchAdd to your cart.
Scrapbook entitled The Samaritan Pentateuch, containing WEB’s paper “The Samaritan Pentateuch”, clippings from expeditions to Samaria (1902-1904), 9 ALS (1902-1905) and/or translations from Jacob to WEB, and 22 ALS and TLS (1902-1905) to WEB.  Approx. 125 p.  (C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 4)
Folder 5: Glass Slides: Mostly b/w, labeled (by WEB?) (C-062 WEB Box 4, Folder 5)Add to your cart.
1. On the Bank of [the] Jordan 2. Jacob’s Well 3. At Jacob’s Well 4. 314 – Women Working [in] Syria 5. Our Party near Shiloh 6. Shiloh 7. Samaritan High Priest at Hour of Prayer 8. Samaritan High Priest 9. 222 – Adullum’s Cave 10. 220 – Cliff Above Adullum’s Cave 11. Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem 12. 11118 – Joseph’s Pit, Dothan, Palestine 13. West-Gate, Samaria 14. Simon’s House, Ganner Jappa 15. Samaritan Carpenter 16. Samaritan Pentateuch 17. 11113 – Endor, Palestine 18. 11090 – Magdala, Palestine (Birthplace of Mary Magdalene) 19. Shepherd and Sheep 20. Department Store 21. (Kirjath-Jeanin? Home of the Ark, 20 years) 22. Mount Gerizim from Ebal 23. The Shepherd 24. 11094 – The Ruins of Chorazin, Palestine 25. Market Place, Bethlehem 26. 20705 – The Burden Bearer of the Orient, Palestine 27. Tomb of John the Baptist, Crusader Church, Samaria 28. Dead Sea 29. Bethlehem – Le R[illegible] 30. Fields of Boaz, Palestine (color) 31. 11106 – Grazing in the Plains of Sharon 32. 10189 – High Priests and Levites officiating at the Samaritan Passover, Mount Gerizim, Palestine 33. 10188 – Joseph’s Tomb and Mount Ebal, Samaria, Palestine 34. Old Samaria, Columns 35. 11066 – Ruins of the City Gate and Plain of Samaria, Palestine 36. [illegible] of Good Samaritan 37. Absalom’s Tomb 38. Village of Emmaus (Ruins of Crusader Church) 39. Sheep and Shepherd 40. 55. Shechem 41. 11102 – Gideon’s Fountain, near Jezreel, Palestine 42. 10190 — Heating the Oven to Roast the Passover Lambs, Mt. Gerizim, Palestine 43. The Village Oven 44. Ancient Samaritan Fragment 45. 11077 – Entrance to the Grotto of Nativity, Church of Saint Mary, Bethlehem, Palestine 46. Water Carrier 47. 11089 – Pool of Hebron, Palestine 48. Samaritan Women – Jacob’s Well 49. Addition to the Ten Commandments – Samaritan Pentateuch 50. 11052 – The Jordan Valley, or Plain of Jericho, Palestine 51. View near Shiloh 52. 11063 – The Return of the Prodigal Son, Palestine 53. Plowing in Palestine 54. Water Carrier 55. Samaritan Pentateuch and Genesis, purchased from Priest at Shechem by WEB 56. Dothan 57. Abraham’s Well 58. 11088 – Mt. Gerizim from Sychar, Palestine 59. 588 – Bethel, Palestine 60. 1301 – [illegible] like Street 61. 1302 – Samaritan Synagogue 62. 1305 – Old Scroll 63. 1306 – Details of Oldest Scroll 64. 1308 – Old Samaritan Priest 65. 1313 – Son of High Priest 66. 1314 – Old Men and Young Girls 67. 1315 – Samaritan Children 68. 1328 – At Prayer 69. 1340 – Eating with staff in hand 70. 1341 – Eating the Sacrifice 71. 1347 – Priest Leading in Prayer 72. 1349 – Kissing the Scroll 73. 1350 – Prayer on Holy Rock 74. 1354 – Salutations 75. The Jordan 76. Palestinian Children 77. Samaritan Pentateuch 78. Isaac, the rival of the High Priest 79. Mt. Ebal 80. Scroll purchased by me in Jerusalem 81. Mount of Temptation
Folder 6: Glass slides, mostly b/w, unlabeled (12) and detached labels (8)Add to your cart.
(C-062 WEB Box 4, Minibox 2)
Item 1: Microfilm:  Robertson, “Catalogue of Samaritan Manuscripts in the John Rylands Library”Add to your cart.
Produced Dec. 27, 1954.  35mm.  (C-062 WEB Box 4)
Item 2: Portion of Biblical textAdd to your cart.
With both top and bottom cut (to fit container?)  Samaritans would never cut text this way.  In tin container, six inches long, with three of five handles broken off.  Text is 4” wide on paper. (C-062 WEB Box 4, Scroll 15)

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