Baker, Rev. Osmon Cleander - Papers and Writings
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Osman Cleander Baker (30 July 1812 – 20 December 1871) was an American biblical scholar and Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  Baker ( was born in Marlow, New Hampshire. He entered the Wilbraham Wesleyan Academy at the age of fifteen, where soon after he was converted to Christ, and was received into the church by Dr. Wilbur Fisk (who was at that time Principal of the school).

Osman was licensed to exhort in his seventeenth year. In 1830 he entered Wesleyan University. He had successfully completed three years at Wesleyan when failing health compelled him to leave the institution. Yet, while in college he also was licensed as a Local Preacher, laboring diligently in that office.

The Rev. Mr. Baker became a teacher in the seminary at Newbury, Vermont in 1834. He was elected Principal of this seminary in 1839. Having resigned the seminary principalship in 1844, the Rev. Mr. Baker was appointed Pastor of the M.E. Church in Manchester, New Hampshire. He was appoiinted Presiding Elder of the Dover District in 1846. During the next year he accepted a professorship in the General Biblical Institute in Concord, New Hampshire, which later became the Boston University School of Theology. Dr. Baker became a distinguished scholar. He also continued to reside in Concord for the remainder of his life.

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