William E. Barton Samaritan Collection, 1903-1950
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Brief Description: The Barton Collection contains materials accumulated during a quarter century (1903-1926) of personal contact with the Samaritans, including correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, and scrolls.  Primary material consists of nineteen scrolls, including two Pentateuchal scrolls of early twentieth century vintage, the original and unpublished Arabic texts of Priest Jacob on the history and thought of the sect, five small modern codices of parts of the Samaritan Pentateuch, two Samaritan prayer books, an Arabic treatise by Priest Isaac on Jacob’s Well, and untranslated autobiography of Jacob in Arabic, two copies of the Samaritan Book of Joshua in Arabic, one of which has a commentary in Samaritan Hebrew, and a copy of Abu’l Fath.  The photographs include forty-three prints of the Abisa scroll from a 1919 filming, discredited at the time, but verified as authentic after re-photographing by Perez Castro in the 1950s, and other photographs or glass slides of the Samaritans.  Personal letters reveal his contacts with the Samaritans and dealers through whom he obtained the scrolls and other materials.  Also contains about 150 letters by or about the American Samaritan Committee.
Held at:
Theology Library Archives
745 Commonwealth Ave.
Boston, MA 02215
Record Series Number: 01/002
Volume: 7.0 Cubic Feet
Languages of Materials
English [eng]
Hebrew [heb]
Sanskrit [san]
Arabic [ara]