Brown, Nathan
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Brief Description: Nathan Brown, (Assamese: নাথান ব্ৰাউন), (22 June 1807 – 1 January 1886) was an American Baptist missionary to India and Japan, Bible translator, and abolitionist. He is noted for his works on Assamese language, grammar and script. In around 1843, based in Sibsagar in Assam, with the help of a local Assamese priest converted to Christianity, Atmaram Sharma, he took a key role in translating and publishing the New Testament as 'Amaar Traankorta Jisu Christor Natun Niyom' (Assamese: আমাৰ ত্ৰাণকৰ্তা যিশুখ্রীষ্টৰ নতুন নিয়ম) in 1848. In 1854, he published another book titled Assamese: খ্রীষ্টৰ বিবৰণ আৰু শুভ বাৰ্তা meaning (roughly) 'Jesus Christ and his Holy Messages' in 1854. He also translated some prayers to Assamese with his other missionary colleagues. His contribution to Assamese language, 'Grammatical Notes of Assamese Language', published by the American Baptist Missionary Press in 1848. In 1846, with colleague Cutter he published 'Arunodoi' Assamese: অৰুনোদই, the first Assamese magazine. He also contributed to publishing of works of various contemporary Assamese scholars, to name a few 'Axom Buranji' (History of Assam, Assamese: অসম বুৰঞ্জী) by Kashinath Phukan in 1844, 'Mathematics' in two parts by Bokul Kayastha in 1845, 'Chutia Buranji' (Assamese: চুতিয়া বুৰঞ্জী in 1850 etc. The people of the Indian state of Assam consider him a pioneer in their native language, Assamese and its literature.
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